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Texas Thoroughbred
Racing Club


In support of the Texas Thorougbred Association’s effort to bring new, first-time Texas racehorse owners and breeders into the sport, CJ Thoroughbreds has introduced affordable, set-cost racing clubs and ventures to attract new Texans into the game.


Through CJ Thoroughbreds' 2022 Texas Thoroughbred Racing Club, 42 Texans became first-time racehorse owners.

For 2023, CJ Thoroughbreds is leading and managing the Texas Thoroughbred Racing Club

Two-Year-Old In Training racing club which is a repeat of the 2022 club model which offers a total of (41) units at $5,000 per unit.  


CJ Thoroughbreds has also formed a racing club for the 2023 Sam Houston Thoroughbred meet called the Texas-Bred Horses of Racing Age Venture with notable Texas trainer Danny Pish.


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